Mici Falvo

Scholarship Award

Passing Down A Legacy

Jolt is awarding this scholarship to one student who expresses true interest in the film/video production industry and wants to ensure they will one day have a successful career and make an impact in our beloved community.

Mici Falvo was one of the original mentors and producers who helped make Jolt possible. Mici passed away three years ago. She is loved and missed for many reasons. She will be remembered for her impact on the Tampa Bay Film community, Women in Film & Television Florida and her commitment to all of us at Jolt.

All of us at Jolt want to pass her legacy down to future students and leaders in our community. Mici didn’t just to want to succeed, she wanted everyone around her to succeed. The amount of passion she applied to her many projects surpassed all of our expectations throughout the years, but it wasn’t just because she was incredibly intelligent in her respected field and role.

She never stopped working when her contribution to the project was completed. If her responsibilities were completed for the day, Mici would help out the Craft Service station, or pick up a broom to help clean up the set. Mici never put herself above any position on any set because she knew success was only possible if the entire project was successful.

The Jolt “Mici Falvo” Scholarship Award recipient needs to have these same traits.

One student will get awarded the scholarship and they can attend every Jolt Camp and Workshop in as 2018 at no cost.

To apply for The Jolt “Mici Falvo” Scholarship Award please submit a 60 second video about why you are choosing a career in this industry, what success means to you in the video/film industry and what you would one day like to accomplish.

We are not asking for a complex film. The video can be as simple as you talking to the camera. Please make sure you add a :05 slate before the video that contains your name and your school.

Please upload all your video YouTube #joltproductionschool and send the link to info@joltproductionschool.com or click on below.

Submit Your Video

Submission Ends May 4th, 2018