George Zwierko


Co-founder of Three Chairs Productions, George Zwierko, grew up in the Bronx and aspired to be an architect before he got his rst taste of“Madison Avenue Life” at 16. While attending a magnet high school in New York City, George actually had the chance to work in advertising, right on Madison Avenue in New York City, the fulcrum of the advertising industry.

George went on to study at the Pratt Institute of Art and Design in Brooklyn, earning a bachelor’s degree in 1988. He then joined the Army and served in Germany from 1988 to 1991 where he also had a chance tocreate ads for the Army and later, a er his discharge, for the Departmentof Defense. He is also the founder of Rumbo Cultural Marketing and Advertising.

“In a nutshell, I’m a father, painter, diver, traveller, juggler, amateur chef and avid storyteller.”

At Three Chairs Productions, the team hones in on the true essence ofany idea by thinking beyond the nal execution. It begins with opencollaboration, with the client and the Three Chairs team, and recognition of everyone’s ability to contribute to each project. The Three Chairs team gets to know their client and all they need, then dives into the creative development, guided by the belief that great creativity should never besacri ced regardless of scope. In short, they help businesses transformtheir communications through creative video storytelling.

“George is nothing short of great. I worked with him and his team on developing a few brief promo videos for Datz’s 2016 National Cheat Day event and I look forward to my next opportunity to work with him.”

Gina Moccio