Jolt Camp: May 2018

Jolt Camp: May 2018

The Grip & Electric Department

A camera should not be viewed as if it is a piece of equipment during the production process. To take the best-looking shots, a cameraman doesn’t only rely on the camera department but also rely on electricians, lighting technicians, and grips. But what do all of them do altogether? The director of the photography work during production is to take care of the camera department, he or she oversees the grips as well as the electrical department.

The Electrical Department

The electrical department is usually in charge of all of the electrical needs altogether on a set. This covers everything ranging from powering the coffee machine to powering off the set lights. Essentially electrical department is responsible for powering the set. They are also referred to as lamp operator, ELT, Set lighting technician, electrician, juicer, spark and electric. Their work isn’t only to get the power to the lights, but they also have the responsibility to ensure there is power everywhere on the set. This includes offices, catering, trailers, and more.

The Grip Department

The grip department work is to support all of the non-electrical components on the set. They are the ones who set up the camera gears such as the cranes and tripods. Grips are specialized as lighting rigging and camera technicians. They operate with the camera setups and the non-electrical components of the light. This includes setting up flagging, tripods, bounces, overheads, and cranes. They make required adjustment as well as perform maintenance on the production equipment. They perform all duties from focusing light, camera movement and any other required mechanical rigging like the dolly tracks.