About Us

Our History

In 2013, Jolt Production school was launched as a 5-week summer camp program in Tampa Bay. The founders created Jolt to be different from any other film school or training program because they wanted the students to use the production knowledge they learn in school apply it in real world settings.

Yes, the students will learn about basic video production and other exciting skills in the trade, but they will also learn essential production industry skills and, most importantly, how find a job and grow in this rewarding industry.

The students are given the chance to interact with successful production talents in the business and find mentors that lead to ongoing business relationships..

They also have the opportunity to work with higher end equipment in practical learning models. In addition to these skills, participants will learn about entrepreneurship and how to make a name for themselves in this cut throat industry.

Since its inception all those years ago, it has grown from a summer training camp to a year-long program. We are changing lives and promoting Tampa Bay’s finest production talent.

Our Mentors

In addition to learning practical production skills and entrepreneurship secrets, our students also get to benefit from mentors. The mentors are successful producers in the industry. Most either have production companies or run ad agencies while the others work in TV, theatre and in other unique production capacities. Despite the differences, all the mentors believe in the need for beginners in the industry to be focused and deliberate as they make their way to the top. The mentorship programs seek to guide the students on how to make important career choices and how to find their niche and make it in production.

Our Partners

Students get to benefit by landing internships and jobs at these major firms. They get to learn, earn and make a name for themselves in the competitive business. Below is a list of some of the other major partners our program is associated with:

– Contender Production Studios
– Kestum Bilt Productions
– First Unit
– Gasparilla International Film Festival
– Visit Tampa Bay
– Three Chairs Productions
– American Advertising Federation

What We Achieved So Far

We have been in the business of nurturing young production talent for nearly half a decade.
So what have we achieved thus far?

New Course Structure

Jolt’s biggest move is the launch of two yearly training programs; Jolt Camp & Jolt Workshop.

Jolt Camp is our full Film & Video production program that teaches students what they’ll experience when they’re on a real set, production meeting and in post production. Three camps will be held between February and December every year.

The Jolt Workshop is a growing list of classes that will be provided throughout the year. These classes will focus on multiple disciplines in the Film & Video industry.  This includes but not limited to; Editing, Visual Effects, Drone Operation, High Speed Camera Operation, Steadicam Operating, Sound Effects & Foley Design, Animation, etc.

This new teaching and mentorship model has truly taken Jolt to the next level allowing us to make a true difference.

Jolt Website Hub

Jolt Production School’s website will continue to provide resources for our students throughout the years, so students can continue to learn about their past courses and classes.

These resources will include a Crew Call Board, Production Forms, Online Tutorials, News & Articles, Discounts on Production Gear & Vendors and A Message Board.

Once a Jolt student always a Jolt student.

Please leave us a comment if you wish to volunteer as a Mentor and/or Partner. You can also always leave a comment just to say hi!

Is Jolt For You?

If you are interested in a career in film, you are probably wondering whether or not Jolt is for you. Maybe you are an inexperienced production enthusiast who wants to learn the ropes. Or maybe are a fully trained production graduate who just can’t seem to catch a break in the business. Whatever the case, there is no denying that Jolt has a lot to offer you. As we conclude, below are a few of these benefits that should help you make up your mind:

You Get:

  • to learn new production skills.
  • to interact and learn from successful producers.
  • real world experience and exposure by working on Jolt projects.
  • to network and make connections in the Film & Video Production industry.